What You Can Do Through Your Audio Response Teller

  • Check your balance (share draft accounts, savings, loans, IRA accounts, money market accounts and club accounts)
  • Check account history and transfer money
  • Get payoff quotes and make loan payments

What it Costs

There is no additional charge to use the ART service. Save time – no driving, no standing in lines. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Contact any location:

Saint Francis Hospital 

Warren Clinic Tower 

Getting Started:

  1. Dial (539)-424-3698. Wait for instructions.
  2. Provide your member number, followed by # (pound key).
  3. Provide the last four digits of the social security number, followed by # (pound key).
  4. Give yourself a PIN (Personal Identification Number), followed by # (pound key).

How to access your account:

  1. Dial (539)-424-3698.
  2. Provide member number. Press # (pound key).
  3. Provide PIN number. Press # (pound key).

Main Menu:

  • For balance inquiries menu press 1
  • For transaction inquiries menu press 2
  • For posting transaction menu press 3
  • For changes to your account menu press 4

1) Balance Inquiry Menu:

  • For a share balance, press 1
  • For loan balance, press 2
  • For a list of all share accounts, press 3
  • For a list of all loan accounts, press 4
  • For a loan payoff, press 5
  • For a share account year-to-date dividend inquiry, press 6
  • For a loan account year-to-date interest inquiry, press 7

2) Transaction Inquiry Menu:

  • For a specific check, press 1
  • For the last five withdrawals, press 2
  • For the last five deposits, press 3

3) Post Transaction:

  • To make a share withdrawal by check, press 1
  • To make a share-to-share transfer, press 2
  • To make a share-to-loan transfer, press 3

4) Change Account:

  • To change your PIN number, press 1

Share Drafts:

Check balance, account history, make withdrawals, transfer money within the account, inquire about individual share drafts


Check balance, account history, transfer money within the account, or make withdrawals.


Check any loan balances, make payments or inquire about loan payoffs.

Other accounts/information:

Covers certificate accounts, club accounts, IRA accounts or money market accounts. Check balances, account history, transfers or withdrawals. Change your security code, get a loan quote, check current-year dividends or interest payments.