Saint Francis Federal Credit Union
Serving select employee groups since 1969

Who Can Join Saint Francis Federal Credit Union?

Membership in Saint Francis Federal Credit Union is open to employees of select companies, their immediate families (spouse, children, parents, grandchildren, and siblings). The following companies are our current sponsors:

  • Saint Francis Health System
  • Saint Francis Auxiliary
  • Medical Employees who work in the Saint Francis Medical Complex composed of the Warren Professional Building, Kelly Professional Building, Springer Clinic and William Professional Building in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • City of Broken Arrow Employees
  • Eastern Ear and Nose
  • Interim Health Care
  • Cardiology Tulsa
  • Employees of Community Care who work in Tulsa
  • Employees and staff doctors of Morton Comprehensive Health Services, Inc. in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Employees of Staff doctors of Morton Comprehensive Health Services, Inc. in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Volunteer workers who are under the supervision of Morton Comprehensive Health Services, Inc. staff and perform regular duties in hospital functions
  • Natural person occupants and their employees who work in One Warren Place in Tulsa, Oklahoma except those that are eligible for primary membership in another credit union in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • PacifiCare of Oklahoma
  • Persons retired as pensioners or annuitants from the above employment

For information on how your company can join our family, please contact us.

Once a Member Always a Member!

At Saint Francis Federal Credit Union we believe in the policy of "once a member always a member", which means you don't lose the benefit of our service if you move or change employment.

You Own Your Credit Union!

You are also encouraged to become active in the governing of your credit union. You are welcome to vote annually, run for a position on the Board of Directors of Supervisory committee, and attend credit union functions and meetings.

How Can I Join?

Joining the credit union is easy! If you are eligible, simply complete a membership application and open a share savings account with a minimum of $25.00. Once you become a member, as long as you maintain a $25.00 balance in your Regular Savings account, you enjoy lifetime membership no matter where you live or work.