About Saint Francis Credit Union

Saint Francis Federal Credit Union was founded in 1969 to serve the employees, staff physicians, and volunteers of Saint Francis Hospital. Over the years other select employee groups including healthcare related and non-health care related companies have been added to the field of membership. The credit union was created to promote thrift, to offer members a fair return on their savings deposits, and to provide members with a source of credit at reasonable rates.

Today we serve over 6,500 member-owners' savings, checking and lending needs; and we have assets exceeding $40 million. Business is conducted in our branches, by phone, over the Internet, by 24-hour telephone banking, by ATM, and by mail.

At Saint Francis Federal Credit Union, we believe that families should conduct their financial business together; therefore we encourage full family membership. Family members that are entitled to join include parents, children, grandchildren, siblings, and spouses.

At Saint Francis Federal Credit Union we also believe in the policy of "once a member always a member," which means you don't lose the benefit of our services if you move or change employment.

Credit Unions are different from banks, because when you choose to conduct your financial business with us you also become an owner. This means you determine how the credit union is run. The board of directors, comprised of volunteers, elected by you, is our policy-making body. Their job is to see that the mission, determined by our member owners, is carried out.

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Mission Statement

Saint Francis Employees Federal Credit Union exists to provide financial services and related benefits to its defined membership and sponsoring organizations with a high level of satisfaction, quality, and cost efficiency. Services provided will be at the lowest cost level consistent with the continued development of adequate reserves and undivided earnings.